Server Administration

Server Administration

over night or if dealt with on a need basis or on a reactive basis. This requires round the clock and minute-to-minute monitoring, scheduled maintenance, periodic maintenance, security audits, proactive support and regular patching / upgrading of servers. You also need experts in the respective servers may it be Windows or Linux. Nidro IT solution is a leader in having specialized team for Windows and Linux managed by experts and certified specialists.

We offer these services on a 24/7 basis or hours of your choice.

  • Initial server setup.
  • Configuration, optimization and tuning.
  • Pro-active software updates, security patches.
  • Security audit, custom security measures and server side firewall solutions.
  • Web server administration.
  • DNS server administration (primary and secondary servers, caching servers).
  • Mail server setup tuning and spam filtering.
  • Load balancing setup, cluster solutions.
  • Server database backend setup.
  • Latest software updates installation.
  • Backup procedures setup.
  • Remote operation system re-installations

Server Administration Services provided by Nidro IT Solutions

  • Installation and Configuration of FTP, HTTP, Mail, Database server
  • Installation and Configuration of Web Applications/Languages/Components (Perl, PHP, ASP.NET etc)
  • Custom Software Installation and Configuration
  • Server Security, Firewalls, Traffic Monitoring
  • Server Performance Optimization
  • Configuration of Backups
  • Control Panel Migrations
  • MySQL, MSSQL Database Administration
  • Server Load Monitoring and Health Checkup
  • Network Usage Monitoring. etc
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To be in par with your competitors, and provide secure, quality and cost effective services to your customers, it is essential you upgrade, fine tune and harden your servers on a regular basis. ACT has a dedicated server management team, which provides proactive or reactive support, based on your needs. Our server management team is available to troubleshoot / secure your servers 24/7 at a highly competitive pricing.